Carpet Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Austin’s Small Business Owners

Large establishments and buildings owned by conglomerates or multinational corporations will have the funds and means to include professional cleaning services as part of their property maintenance budgets. However, for Austin’s smaller businesses owned by small corporations of entrepreneurs, getting the services of an Austin carpet cleaning contractor may blow their budget out of proportion. Property managers may opt to do their own maintenance services for their facilities including cleaning and maintenance work for their commercial carpets. Under this situation, property managers can employ these basic tips and tricks that even the professionals use.

Austin Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Every Job Has It Own Requirements

Property managers and their maintenance crew should consider that each cleaning job is different from the next. Although the primary cleaning method and procedures are there, some of the customized work to deal with one particular cleaning situation may not apply to another situation. What is important is that the maintenance crew has all the essential tools and cleaning chemicals available for any commercial carpet cleaning job that may be encountered with their carpets. These include detergents, rinsing agents, encapsulation chemicals, agitation tools, and oxygen boosters.

Regular Cleaning Is a Necessity

The basic cleaning process that should be done regularly for carpets is vacuum cleaning. Regular vacuuming can remove most soils and dirt from the surface and prevent accumulation that will result in difficulty in cleaning and removing later on. As much as possible, do not use liquid carpet shampoos for cleaning. Unless you entirely drench the carpet and extract all the water out, the shampoo cannot be completely rinsed out and removed. The result would be a sticky residual layer that can attract more dirt and dust from people. Dry carpet cleaners are preferable, and most are commercially available.

Cleaning Older Carpet

If the carpet is old and has accumulated a considerable layer of unrinsed shampoo, this can be cleaned, and the old shampoo removed using a shampoo machine. Property managers should invest in such machines for regular use, but if not available, certain units can be rented out. The machine cleans by mixing 1 cup of vinegar in 2½ gallons of warm water. The vinegar acts as an agent that pulls out the old shampoo off the fibers and cleans the carpet just as well. The results will be a soft carpet free of dirt and grime and shampoo residues.

Heavy Traffic Soiled Carpet

Carpets that are heavily soiled can still be cleaned using a pre-conditioner and a rotary brushing system. The key to cleaning using this method is agitation, and the brushes will allow the pre-conditioner to reach the embedded soil. Addition of oxygen boosters to the cleaning solution can dissolve smaller soil particles and can act as mild bleach that will remove the yellowing or graying in the fibers. It is preferred that the solution is warm or heated for better cleaning effect. However, there may be some limitations on the available equipment. Rinse the carpet with an encapsulation solution to prevent wicking of the fibers for better vacuuming later on. This will also keep the carpet soft. Another method of agitation cleaning is through the use of bonnet or pad cleaning machines. Used with a good cleaning agent solution, it can clean carpet fibers faster and more effectively.

Drying The Carpet

After cleaning and rinsing the carpet, the next important step is to perform carpet drying. Wet-dry vacuum cleaners would be an effective tool to remove excess moisture from the carpet. Remaining moisture can be air-dried using blowers, or if the area affected is big, use air movers.

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